INVESTIGATIONS : investigations, surveillances, shadowing, infiltrations with methods
and prices adequate to concerned sector

The specialized and licensed detective investigates in all cases depending on commercial, criminal (moral, physical and sexual harassment by the employer, the neighbor, colleagues, friends and all other kinds of aggression) or civil/family laws (divorce, separation).

The means of investigation, in order to bring the it to a successful conclusion are the traditional methods of a good investigator, namely surveillance, shadowing, infiltration and meticulous search. The clues collected by the detective, holder of his license, are taken into consideration and are essential to resolve the case, whether in front of the Justice of the Peace, the Court of First Instance, the Commercial Court or any other court.

COMMERCIAL INVESTIGATIONS for multinational, big and small enterprises

The licensed detective, under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior can investigate for both, the employer and the employee, and discover among other things, all flaws of non-compliance in the status of worker/employee and unfair dismissal, in cases of false restructuring.

Abuses range from simple refusal by the employee to dishonest proposals to bribery. The new methods of investigation used by the detective, in addition to surveillance and following, are of great benefit to the defense, for the Advocate and the Judge.

    • In the sector of Human Resources, the detective provides the solution to the current problem of false resumes of applicants from around the world with fake degrees. As a result, the competences are false, what results in a waste of time for the HRD. The private investigator, thanks to his license and to his different investigation methods can prove, among other things, by his surveillance and following, photosand detailed reports and, if necessary, all sealed by a court bailiff’s report, that the medical, repetitive and/or long-term certificate is false. What allows dismissal for serious misconduct, represents a saving of time and is financially very advantageous for the SME.
    • In the Commercial Sector the detective, who is well aware of the new technologies used by managers, knowing the law, is putting new investigative methods in place to counter and compensate for the financial loss caused by the smart trade commissioners (representative, manager, carrier, etc.).The detective can also investigate and find the necessary elements to avoid a financial loss created by the debauchery of one of the best trade commissioners of the company. The union, being part of professional life, whether on the premises of the company or by a unionized employee, in neither case can be underestimated. The detective investigates with specific means to assist the legal service to solve any harmful to the smooth running of the company problem, in which a union delegate is involved.
    • In the partnership – associates – executives – investors
      the detective, well at ease in the field of the status, whether in the SME, large or multinational companies (cooperative, association, ltd, SA) is of great use to the legal service to solve the problems of conflicts between managers, partners, investors. He carries out surveillance and/or infiltration to investigate with great perseverance and know-how, bringing the necessary matter to the lawyers in charge of the file, thus enabling them to avoid being dismissed from the case and to bring it to good end.
    • As harassment and intimidation
      Are serious facts in every aspect, the private investigator is more than indispensable.The detective must, before engaging his skills in the case presented by the complainant, ensure the truth to avoid that the clients accusations do not turn against him. Honesty being one of our main characteristics since 1984, our detectives are incorruptible. This type of problem and mission, requires a long-term investigation whose price can be fixed and communicated beforehand.
    • Industrial counter-espionage, unfair competition
      In counter-espionage, requiring a detective specialized in the concerned field, whether it’s in chemistry, computer science, etc… the detectives of Inter Continental International Detect, can call on a specialist who carries out the research under the supervision of a licensed detective who oversees the conduct of the mission, in accordance with the law. The unfair competition being very complex to highlight, the lawyers as well as the magistrate instructor have as base the report of the investigations of the experienced, licensed detective who is also an expert in the rules specific to each branch, as among others, the industry or the horeca.
    • Theft of goods in the company or during transportation
      In the case of theft, whether it is stealing of works of art, shoplifting, stealing during transportation, stealing from the warehouse or stealing of safes, if the detective does not act immediately after the theft, the chances of recovering the objects and/or catching the author(s) of the theft are reduced considerably, even if he has applied the necessary investigations proper to each theft style.
    • Counterfeits
      The licensed and specialized detective conducts his investigations in close collaboration with the customs services to ensure the success of the mission. Counterfeiting, one of the most widespread frauds around the world is of all kinds, such as leather goods, pharmacy, toys, etc…
    • Insurance fraud
      The general detective, holder of his license, may be useful, in addition to the sectoral (working in the insurance company) detective, in very specific cases where more meticulous investigation is necessary. In large-scale disasters, the independent status of the general detective can provide another, more objective vision for both parties.
    • Debtor search
      In this type of research also, the detective can not, under any circumstances, guarantee the recovery of the debt and can not investigate for percentage or depending on the success. Through his extensive and diversified research, with perseverance and relentlessness, he can find the debtor’s hiding place and show the hidden insolvency so that the bailiff can proceed with the seizure.
    • Conflicts between landlord and tenant and vice versa
      The investigators of InterContinental International Detect, with their license and experience are also competent to act quickly in any conflict of this type.


All kinds of frauds and scams

With the latest European agreements, such as Schengen and others, allowing the free movement of goods and people, fraud at all levels have become a scourge whose victims can only call the detective for help. InterContinental International Detect and its licensed and specialized detectives have gained experience at the service of clients at competitive prices.

In criminal matters, the private detective, licensed and specialized in criminal investigation will be a plus for the client and his defense and a reinforcement for the police, who do not always have the necessary means to find the criminal(s). In some cases, only the perseverance and long and repetitive surveillances done by the private detective – who gives a detailed report and photos – can solve the enigma cataloged without issue.



The profession of private detective, governed since 1991 by a ministerial status constitutes already a guarantee for the client. The detective is bound to respect the

ethical rules imposed by law: order form or agreement where must appear the descriptions of the two parties, hourly price + mileage or lump sum, as well as the object and duration of the mission. The client receives at the end of the investigations a detailed report, the photos as well as all collected pieces, the invoice and its detail. The report is in two copies, the original is delivered in person to the client or his counsel and the duplicate is kept in the office for five years.

Deontologically, the detective can not investigate against his client for next 3 years.

Who uses a detectives services? Anyone can call a detective, but his appeal must be justified whether it is the wife, the husband, the sister, the brother, the mother, the father, the lawyer, the usher, the employee , the employer, the victim or anyone seeking help.

The detective, without knowing the ins and outs of the request, can not give a price by telephone, but he may already, by his experience and knowledge of the laws, give a notice of admissibility. He will offer a verbal interview to deepen the case and give a quote with cost and time.

If the verbal interview can not be done in our offices, in the company, the lawyer’s office or any other location, for geographical or other reasons, the purchase order/agreement and the information sheet may be sent by e-mail for the execution of the mission.

Our intercontinental network of experienced and serious detectives also allows us to offer you fast and reliable investigations all over the world at reasonable prices.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS – investigations for the private sector

    • In divorce cases. Our multi disciplinary staff is also composed of detectives with a ministerial license and being specialized in private research. They are active in divorce cases, for example by collecting the evidence of infidelity (even the confirmation by court bailiff) necessary to negotiate an alimony for one of the spouses.
    • In the liquidation of the community, the detective conducts an all-out investigation to find hidden assets by one of the parties. All of this research is more than useful in divorce cases to provide the lawyer with the necessary material for writing his conclusions.
    • In inheritance cases that negotiations and distributions are doubtful as well as in family discord, the detective can investigate and discover where the source of wrongdoing comes from. He can also look for heirs or demonstrate false heirs (scammers) who come forward.The detective specializing in the very specific field of inheritance, uses all his tact and know-how to detect the fault that did not notice either the instructor of the inheritance, the person of confidence or the institution, etc… to defraud the heirs.
    • In case of alimony, the detective, through his adequate investigations, may prove the fraudulent insolvency in order to not assume the payment imposed by the judgment either for the children or the spouse claiming to not have the means to pay it ; the detective by his investigations can confirm or deny those facts.In the case of a solvency or fraudulent insolvency investigation, the private investigator may, through his license, control the frauder’s schedule and ensure that the work he carries out is properly regulated. Through surveillance he ensures that the income corresponds to the work done. If necessary the detective is accompanied by a bailiff to ascertain the facts.
    • In children custody, the detective, through his loyalty, can only give an objective opinion of the course of custody. The Family Judge will be able to rule more easily based on the reports and photos returned by the detective after his mission. In case of serious suspicion, such as negligence or abuse, the authorized detective may carry out the necessary investigations to reassure or warn the concerned parent so that he can seize the appropriate legal service.
    • In morality investigations only the licensed private investigator can discover the true personality, honor and honesty of a person before any commitment, such as marriage, cohabitation or other.
    • In frauds and scams, such as white or gray marriage (or other), the licensed and specialized detective puts his skills at the service of the neglected person, in this case the client, on condition that it is not to trick or use the investigator, what would force him to terminate the contract on the spot.Today we live in a corrupt and a to be corrupted world where only the material aspects are taken into consideration ; more than ever, the help of a licensed and experienced private investigator can prove itself useful in demonstrating corruption and all sorts of scams.
    • In the change of behavior of the adolescent The licensed detective is of great help to parents worried by the sudden change in their child’s behavior ; he will therefore control the schedule and the entourage of minors as well as their friends who can be dealers, consumers, sects members, delinquents, etc … InterContinental International Detect has in his staff, detectives propitious to infiltrate those groups to provide parents with the necessary pieces to make the right decisions to help the teenager.
    • In false testimony and denunciations, the private detective, by its collection of information can invalidate or confirm the statements.
      False testimonials are very common in everyday’s life, whether by jealousy, malice or others and in all social classes and relationships (neighbors, employees, colleagues, etc …). The private investigator, after having analyzed the case and after having informed the client of the feasibility, the cost and the delay, adapts his investigations to the best of his abilities to bring the case to a successful conclusion.
    • In the case of robberies and burglaries, the detective, through his experience and the short time between the theft and his intervention, may discover whether the robbery or burglary was committed by thugs, by a family member or maybe by friends, sometimes out of jealousy or greed.
      In recent times, robberies and burglaries are part of everyday’s concerns of today’s society. The private investigator, with his experience and skills, can confidentially assist any person at any time, even as a prevention by accompanying the person who performs delicate tasks (financial and other) and can help the victims to find lost objects or at least the authors.
    • In the search of missing or indoctrinated people The licensed and experienced detective can investigate in this field, even if it concerns adults, without breaking the law. Disappearances and indoctrinations are ones of the major concerns of the twenty-first century, the danger of which is permanent for easily influenced people of all ages, social classes and origins.
    • Price. InterContinental International Detect, thanks to the number of simultaneous missions can apply prices out of competition since 20 years.
      In addition to its traditional missions of surveillance and fraud research, InterContinental International Detect researches and discovers also :
    • Social frauds The today’s detective, with his ministerial license can investigate in all areas to detect any kind of social fraud towards the public institutions (ONEM, ONSS, FPS Economy) by unscrupulous people who benefit from a financial aid while performing a job on the side, whether in construction, mechanics, horeca or other …


  • Irregular situations
      • (false identities, irregularities in economic migration, veracity of tax denunciations)
      The detective can also check if the conditions presented by the person to obtain an allowance are well founded. He is also of great value to families who are worried about the disappearance of family members during migration.