« One world dies, another reborn »
For the old continent, the changes were consecutives after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the end of the Cold War in 1991 and the 1993 Monetary Crisis…
In the investigation also, radical changes have arisen. From Sherlock Holmes in 1887, Inspector Derick in 1943, Columbo in 1968 and today Hawaii 5-0 or Commissioner Moulin, crimes, trafficking, scams, and abuses of all kinds have always existed.
However, the modus operandi for committing them is quite different those days and the same goes for the way to solve them.
Fortunately, the select investigators are there to elucidate them, pinpoint or catch the perpetrators, not any more with tools such as the 2cv Citroën, rope, chalk or slate … but by scrupulous use of current technology such as the smartphone, the tablet, the infrared devices, the social networks …

We deal every day with every, positive and negative, aspect of this evolution of social change, so it is important to react in time and effectively.
The ICID Investigation Agency offers you its various know-how provided by its multidisciplinary and perfectly qualified staff.